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Best 5 Workouts That Will Boost Your Testosterone

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, but it is also an anabolic steroid. It plays a key role in sexual, reproductive, but also body development in males.
It is a hormone solely responsible for the development of testis and prostate, but it also promotes secondary sexual characteristics of a male, such as muscle and bone mass.

In youth, testosterone levels are often very much increased, and run at chaotic levels. What we mean by that is that they are unsteady in their intensity, but are pretty much plentiful for the normal development in most male human beings.

Now, if one was to begin fitness or bodybuilding at an early age, let’s say high school, the body would naturally adapt to the newly found needs, and make the production of testosterone more regular, if not increased even.

At a certain age, however…at our 30’s for example, the natural testosterone production begins to diminish, as a part of a normal cycle of human development. Humans that are on an average workout routine during their twenties, generally reach their peak in their 30’s and the development stops. It is all just staying in shape from then on.
This is a great way for your health to prosper and for you to have a decent physique culture and development.

But, some people strive to continue their body development even latter, and some younger people also have testosterone deficiencies. So, these people turn to increased workouts and specific workout routines that can help them increase their testosterone level, and boost their body development and other functions.

Let’s look at the five workouts that can do just that, as well as the general method of working out that boosts testosterone.


How it works

If you are looking to boost your testosterone levels by working out, there are some principal things you need to know and understand first.

Being a male hormone, testosterone is usually associated with physical strength, and overall general toughness. This is not far from the truth, as it is our very challenges and male activities we have during our entire life that affect this ratio.

For instance, a farmer, who has been working on a farm during his whole period of growing up and worked with his hands, using his entire body all the time, has much higher testosterone levels than a man grown in a city environment, that spends most of his time at the computer, for instance.


Why is that so? – It is the challenges the farmer forced his body through that made his body produce more testosterone, made his body stronger, his bones and muscles tougher, etc…

What this means at the gym? – When speaking in terms of working out in the gym, this means you need to resort to more basic exercises. What we mean by that is the basic workouts for a specific body part, or more precise muscle group.

What workouts are considered more basic? – All basic workout routines, or most of them for that matter, include the barbell, and a free-flowing barbell hold to be exact.
So, all the basic stuff, like:  bench press, squat, deadlift, etc…

How are those basic barbell workouts helping with my testosterone levels? – It is a well known fact that these exercises activate the entire body, besides providing the best focus on that particular muscle group. They engage many other body functions and generally help you toughen your build.

So, it is these basic strength building exercises that will best boost your testosterone levels, but there is a catch…

What’s the catch in doing these basic barbell exercises? – If you want these workout routines to boost your testosterone levels even more, there are certain methods of working out, certain ways you need to perform them in order to push your body even further into producing testosterone.

How to perform these exercises the right way? – In order to inspire your body to produce more testosterone, these basic barbell exercises need to be executed in a certain manner that differs from one exercise to another.

For instance, some of them need to be performed more explosively. You need to limit your movement, maybe even with the help of some additional object that will serve as an ending point for your movement, and then execute the entire movement in a specific way.
If you are looking for the explosive manner, the general way is to go very fast and explosive when you do the concentric part, and then go slow when going the other way.

Demonstrated on the bench press for instance, this means lower the bar slowly when going down, but explode and lift it as fast as you can when lifting up.


5 Basic Barbell Workouts that will Increase your Testosterone

  1. Sit and squat

Following the methodology explained before, this exercise will not be difficult to understand.

What you need is a bench, approximately 1 to 1.5 ft up from the ground and a squat rack.
You are to lift the barbell off the rack, get into the standard position for your squats, but with the bench underneath you, like you want to sit on it.
Using the standard correct form of execution, you slowly squat down until you barely touch the bench and almost sit, and then just explode back up to your starting position, exhaling as you finish. So, slowly down, fast up.
This kind of movement limitation will help you have more focus on the deltoids and prevent any dangers in doing this exercise quickly.


  1. Bench Press with Stop Bars


Same as before, you are to use the bench press weight rack that has stop bars on the sides. Most gyms have those, but if not, you can easily improvise it or ask someone to help you.

The point is that you will again lower the barbell slowly until you reach the stop bars, and then explode back up to your starting position.


  1. Deadlifts with Stop Bars

Again, you will be using a weight rack that has the stop bars that are naturally adjustable. This time however, you will lower them down to about 2-3 inches below your knees. This is very important, but you are to do it as it best suits your own technique and body.

After you set up, it is again pretty simple. Stand in the starting position, lower the bar down until you barely touch the stop bars, and then explode back up, exhaling as you finish.


  1. The King of Press


Again, you will be using the power rack.

The king of press, as you probably know, combines many muscle groups and movements together. It combines a deadlift, an upright row, and finally into a push press or a military press.

In order to implement this testosterone boosting style into this exercise, you are to execute it carefully, not going explosive and fast all the time.

When holding the barbell down, with your arms relaxed, you are to squat down (not all the way down) and straighten up as fast as you can, using the momentum to lift your barbell up to your neck and shoulders, changing the grip along the way, and then pushing it up more slowly, finishing the movement by holding the barbell directly above your head. You are then to carefully lower it down to your starting position, but not to burden your muscles as you do so.

  1. Fast Dumbbell Bicep Curls

This exercise will be the easiest for you to master, naturally.

The only important thing here is to be careful when lowering the dumbbell after you do the curl. You are to do this slowly, and not go all the way. Never straighten your elbow all the way.

The curling part you will do explosive and fast, touching the shoulders with your weights and keeping your shoulders relaxed, your back straight, and your body stable. No racking or swinging to help you with the momentum.

The pros and cons of this workout method


  • Testosterone levels enhanced
  • More shredded muscles
  • Enhanced overall body strength


  • Doesn’t actually build up muscle mass directly
  • Risk of injury if not executed with proper care


While not building up your muscle mass directly, boosting your testosterone levels will give you more strength and eventually allow you to lift more when you actually do the muscle building routines.
This type of workout will keep you very strong, give you a sense of power, and will allow you to push your other methods and routines further than you ever thought possible.

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