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Testosterone Propionate – What it is and if you should use it

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Basically, testosterone propionate is an important compound, when it comes to testosterone levels and production in your body. And if out there are people who don’t know what is testosterone – it is the primary male sex hormone. That fuel which drives your sex desire, that fuel which gives you strength, energy and motivation to do sports, to be active and a happy person. This propionate is the shortest ester which is attached to male hormones. Putting this in more basic words – using and taking testosterone propionate will help your body in a shorter period of time to rid itself of the easter and release testosterone hormone into your system, into your body (in a more simple way this cannot be described, sorry). As it has a short active life, testosterone propionate must be injected 4 to 5 times per week at a minimum. At first, it maybe sounds too complicated and unhealthy, but anecdotally, this testosterone propionate is causing a lot less negative effects on your body than any other testosterone supplements and products.


Around 1930’s, testosterone was the very first developed anabolic steroid. For decades, it has been used as the “extra fuel” in order to increase results and performance not only in the gym and with lifting weights, but in the sport in general. Strength, focus, faster recovery and leaner muscle mass are only a few benefits what you experience and get while boosting and increasing testosterone levels in your body.

Testosterone propionate in action

When testosterone boosts your libido, increases energy, your immunity and fastens fat loss while gaining lean muscle mass, it is hard to go off from this cycle. Moreover, testosterone is in charge for growth and development of your sex organs and improves your sex characteristics. It is known for a fact, that some of the men are using and taking testosterone boosting supplements not because they want to lose fat, increase their strength or improve their performance in sport in general. Not at all. Some men are taking testosterone supplements just to improve their performance in the bedroom, improve their sex organ condition and increase their sex drive, reaching the 40 year mark.

Of course, as any other medicament and treatment, testosterone propionate has side-effects as well. Testosterone propionate has a relatively high level of aromatization into estrogen. This estrogen is the female sex hormone, which creates a high risk of gynecomastia. Of course, probably most of you are asking right now “What the hell is gynecomastia?”. Well, basically, it is a formation of breast tissue in males. Obvious, that testosterone intake and using any other testosterone boosting supplements will affect your body’s natural production of testosterone. Depending on the body type and the dosage, by supplementing testosterone you will slow down your body’s natural production of the hormone. Also, you have to be aware of the duration of circulating testosterone. Additionally, if the dosage will be higher then the higher will be the muscle building effect as well. Low levels of testosterone reflect in a negative mood and moody behaviour. Opposite, high levels of testosterone reflect in aggressive and dominant behaviour. Even duo you will find many harmful side effects what you may experience from using testosterone enhancers, testosterone is an indeed the number one mass builder known to man and if you are a sports lover and want to increase and develop your performance – you should take care of your testosterone levels.

Technical data

Usually, the higher will be the dosage; the better will be the results. But wait, let’s break this down! One study showed that a 600mg dose (this is per week) produced and showed better results in men than doses under 600mg’s. At the same time, another study showed that an 800mg dose (again, this is per week) caused harmful effects and men felt not only sick, but their performances dropped significantly in the gym. Why? Because their bodies could not keep up with the high levels of testosterone. So 600mg of testosterone per week is the recommended dosage. Moreover, in a period of 2 months, men who intake 600mg of testosterone showed the highest fat loss, best muscle growth and their strength increased the most, comparing with men who intake more than 600mg or less than 600mg’s.

To sum up this, the most common effect which was reported by men who participated in the research was increased gains in strength, increased and better-developed size and shapes of muscles.

Besides this research, fitness trainers and nutritionists suggest to eat and intake more food, while doing testosterone cycles. Why? Since your body is trying to build muscle and is constantly under tension, more ingested food is delivered and shuttled directly to your muscles and the muscle tissue. Also, testosterone promotes glycogen synthesis. For people who don’t know what is it – glycogen works like a fuel for our body. It provides energy to our muscles. And that is why people who like endurance and strength training will notice how fast and significant their performance increases and develops after using testosterone propionate.

Actually, most of the sides effects what people experience from using testosterone propionate are from testosterone conversion to estrogen and dihydrotestosterone (sorry, if I would have to explain this, I would need another article for that). Besides that, things like hair loss, water retention and red skin are other side effects of testosterone propionate using.

My personal message

As I’ve been working as a fitness trainer for more than 20 years and taking testosterone supplements and other boosters is nothing new for me. And to be honest – I am still taking them and my clients who are competing – they are doing the same. Moreover, testosterone propionate is my all time favorite form of injectable testosterone. And it is simply because of this ester, which is acting in a short period of time, produces far less water retention and boosts gains much faster. I would say that the only downside of testosterone propionate is that you have to inject it frequently. In my case – I am injecting it 5 times per week at a dose of around 100 mg. What was interesting for me when I started to use testosterone propionate, was that when I was injecting a 100mg’s every other day, my testosterone levels were still high of normal. So this says that professional athletes who are being drug tested, could possibly use the same dosage and still pass their doping test.