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Testosterone Pellets are not only for men but also for women who want SAFE and CONVENIENT Testosterone Replacement Therapy

You have probably heard about hypogonadism. This is a health condition that has been bothering a large number of men’s population these days. Hypogonadism is a common condition among men who are suffering from low testosterone level. Fortunately, testosterone pellets have appeared on the scene. There are many forms of testosterone replacement therapy and testosterone pellets are one of the successfully developed testosterone alternatives. Testosterone pellets are usually recommended by the doctors for the patients who have low testosterone issues. Testosterone pellets are used by being implanted under human’s skin. Thus, this testosterone replacement therapy must be done by a doctor or health care professional due to the medical procedures that should be taken.


Things to Consider for Testosterone Pellets to be done

Caucasian mid-adult male waiting on table in retro doctor’s office.Doctors consider several conditions before deciding about the dose of testosterone pellets to be given for a certain patient with hypogonadism or low testosterone level. These conditions may include the patient’s weight, age, and personal health condition. The patient should undergo multiple blood tests to determine his condition and how low his testosterone level to identify the proper dosage of testosterone pellets that the doctor will give. The doctors will also monitor the reactions and possible side effects in the patient’s body while using testosterone pellets.

The estimated time for testosterone pellets to last is approximately three to four months. There are also times when it lasts for as long as six months. One good thing about testosterone pellets is the fact that it is not hassle for your everyday routine unlike the other testosterone replacement therapy such as gel that needs to be applied in your body daily or injectable wherein you are obliged to visit your doctor at a certain time of the week.

The use of testosterone pellets can be considered illegal when it is not prescribed by a doctor. Hence, you cannot have it on your own will. You should visit a doctor to get certain tests to qualify for this type of testosterone replacement therapy. This is strictly followed to ensure the patient’s safety.

There are many reasons why you should try testosterone pellets and a few factors why you should hesitate on using it. Nevertheless, testosterone pellets are safe and effective if the patient will follow every instruction of the doctor while using this type of testosterone replacement therapy.


Factors to Hesitate Choosing Testosterone Pellets as Testosterone Replacement Therapy

There are a number of testosterone pellets side effects and these may not be all mentioned here. Testosterone pellets side effects will most likely to occur when instructions prior to the use of this testosterone replacement therapy are not properly followed. The most common side effects of testosterone pellets can be seen below.

  • The formation of male breasts which is scientifically known as gynecomastia
  • The sudden appearance of acne as well as frequent hair loss that will result to baldness
  • The unusual vomiting and experiencing nausea
  • The impairment of the liver
  • The function of the heart may be at risk that can lead to heart stroke
  • The undesirable changes of the amount of cholesterol – elevated level of LDL cholesterol while a depleted level of HDL cholesterol.


Multiple Reasons to give Testosterone Pellets a Try!

There are multiple reasons why you should give testosterone pellets a try although things may go wrong if prior instructions by the doctor are not met by the patient. One practical advantage of testosterone pellets is that it will not hinder you to do your daily tasks because it lasts for as long as four or six months.  Henceforth, testosterone pellets are safe, convenient, and worth a try if proper use and doctor’s instructions are met.

  • Unlike the other forms of testosterone replacement therapy that can cause alteration of the testosterone level, the use of testosterone pellets is a great resort to prevent the possibility of blood clots that usually happen in the other methods of testosterone replacement therapy.
  • It has been reported by some testosterone pellets users that it helped them lessen the struggles of having migraine and other headache issues.
  • Testosterone pellets are also proven to decrease depression while increasing one’s energy level, concentration, and other cognitive functions.
  • Men enjoy the pleasure of having well-developed bones and increased muscle mass.
  • Testosterone pellets also help to decrease the body fats while developing certain body structures like muscles and bones.


Did you know that testosterone pellets are also recommended for women?

It is very common to us that men are the neediest of a sufficient testosterone level in the body. Contradictory for this statement, studies revealed that women also need testosterone in their body and having low level of it would require them a testosterone replacement therapy. Just like men, women also need adequate amount of testosterone to maintain a stable regulation in their body functions. Having a low testosterone level may also affect women in cases like that of men although they might not suffer as much struggles as men with low testosterone levels have. Women who engage with testosterone pellets are benefited by preventing or curing vaginal dryness and other related issues. Usually, women on their postmenopausal stage need testosterone replacement therapy to treat certain body functions although it is not easy to determine the right dose of testosterone level that women need because this is not a usual case like that of men. Thus, women who seem to have low testosterone need to consult a doctor to determine their health condition and to know the proper dosage of testosterone pellets that they need.

In general, testosterone pellets are beneficial to either men or women because it helps lessen the possibility of having several diseases like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

How are testosterone pellets done?

Perhaps you are curious about how testosterone pellets are given to a patient. We already know that testosterone replacement therapies like cream or gels are applied on the skin while injectable is done with the help of needle and syringe. On the other hand, testosterone pellets are given to patient through a small incision in the upper part of the buttocks. Testosterone pellets are inserted or implanted under the skin of the upper part of the buttocks through a painless procedure with the help of local anesthesia. Perhaps you are curious why testosterone pellets are specifically inserted under the skin of the buttocks and why not in the arms, legs, or any part of the body. Well, let us tell you a brief explanation for that. Testosterone pellets can be inserted in other parts of the body but doctors and health experts would mostly prefer to perform the tiny incision for testosterone pellets procedure on the upper part of the buttocks which works better than in other parts of the body according to scientific studies.

Testosterone pellets are good for at least three months up to four months or six months at its maximum. The inserted pellets under the skin will constantly release hormones which obviously help in increasing the testosterone level. The inserted testosterone pellets do not need to be removed after its maximum effect which usually takes 4 or 6 months. The pellets will dissolve once the crystalline testosterone will all be used up by the body. A single testosterone pellet contains crystalline testosterone and it is as small as a grain of rice. The standard number testosterone pellets that are implanted under the skin are minimum of 10 and maximum of 12. Each pellet contains 75mg of its components which totals to 900mg if the dose is at its maximum by 12 pellets. Trocar is the tool used to successfully insert these pellets during the implantation procedure. However, if the procedure does not turn out well, it will result to infection. Thus, doctors take too preliminary precautions seriously to avoid this kind of undesirable incident.


What are the symptoms of having low testosterone level?

There are multiple symptoms of having low testosterone level. You will know that you have low testosterone level even before you undergo some lab tests by checking the symptoms of having low testosterone level below. If you frequently experience any of these symptoms which are not usual to you then you probably have low testosterone level and the next thing you should do is to consult your doctor to address this issue. Check out these symptoms and be aware of the condition of your T level!

  • A decreased libido or declined sexual urges can be considered a symptom of low testosterone level. In fact, it is the most common symptom of having low T counts! Sexual desire is the primary affected area in the human functions because sexual performance is dependent on the level of male sex hormones or commonly known as testosterone level.
  • Fatigue, irritability, anxiety, depression, and mood swings or sudden change in behavior are some of the psychological and emotional responses of low amount of testosterone.
  • Headache and deprived sleep are also common symptoms of depleted testosterone level.
  • Weight gain or overweight individuals are probably caused by low testosterone level.
  • Vaginal dryness is one symptom of low testosterone level among women. It may also include irregular menstruation.


How can first time users of testosterone pellets avoid complications?

This question may sound sensible especially for those who are interested with testosterone pellets. Well, the safety precautions for using testosterone pellets may vary from one person to another depending on individual condition but we are told to do certain things to avoid the testosterone pellets side effects for general awareness.

  • It is better for a first time user to use daily dosage of testosterone replacement therapy like gels or cream before jumping to testosterone pellets. This will help the doctor determine the best dosage of testosterone for the patient. Adding or removing dose of testosterone pellets is not easy once it is already implanted under the skin because it will need another surgery procedure to do so.
  • Once you have testosterone pellets inserted under your skin, you will have to restrain yourself from doing physical activities within a week.
  • On the day of the testosterone pellets were implanted under the skin of the buttocks, you will have to avoid taking a bath within one whole day or 24 hours to be exact.
  • You will be advised to take pills like antibiotics. Then two hours after the surgery, you will be told to treat the part of your body where the pellets are implanted by applying ice pack on it to lessen the swelling caused by the procedure.

Other Methods to Boost Testosterone Level

As we have mentioned earlier, one form of testosterone replacement therapy is testosterone pellets. Testosterone pellets are done by inserting tiny-sized pellets which contain crystalline testosterone under the skin. As soon as the testosterone pellets are implanted under the skin, the effect usually takes 24 hours but sometimes it differs from one patient to another. A patient’s health condition is one factor to assess as to how long the inserted pellets will effect in the body right after the procedure.

Increasing testosterone level have many alternatives and taking testosterone supplements or natural testosterone boosters can also help a lot as much as applying gels or taking shots (injection method). The search for the best solution for low testosterone level has led to the discovery of many methods to treat this condition. Fortunately, the advancement of science and technology in this generation helped a lot in the realization of these testosterone alternatives.

Testosterone Pellets Reviews

There tons of testosterone pellets review that you can find from different sites of the internet. We have taken screenshots of testosterone pellets reviews from the article posted by WebMD which you can see below. 


Testosterone pellets may not ring a bell to some because it is rarely talked about unlike the other forms of testosterone replacement therapy like gels, patches, injections, etc. Treating low testosterone level is very common in our society these days especially for men. On the other hand, women are also found to be affected by low testosterone level but not as much as men are affected by it. In fact, studies revealed that testosterone pellets can help women with low testosterone level to cure vaginal dryness. According to studies, testosterone pellets can also help lessen the chances of having Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease for both male and female.