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Testosterone Cypionate – Injection, Dosage, Cycle

All living things are prone to health issues. Humans as we are, getting sick and having health problems are inevitable to us. We can lessen the chances of being afflicted with diseases but we can’t totally get rid of the fact that we are prone to having illness. In time, ailments will naturally occur especially when our body gets weaker as we get older. One good example is men’s production of male sex hormones.

Male sex hormone is also known as testosterone. As men get older, let’s say thirty years old, their testosterone production naturally decreases. This can be considered as one health issue which cannot be avoided because it occurs naturally in men whether they like it or not. Low testosterone production will decrease the sex drive of men which will eventually deactivate their sex life. Imagine yourself wanting to do something but you can’t just because you are not able to do it. That’s exactly what men with low testosterone level are suffering from. The good news is medical experts have created several alternative solutions to treat low testosterone level for men!

If you are a man suffering from low testosterone level, it’s a good thing that you had the chance to read this article. I will show you an alternative solution to escalate your testosterone level and re-activate your sex life! However, this treatment is not applicable to accumulate low testosterone level of older men. This is because of the high possibility of having health complications such as seizure and cardiovascular disease.


Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone or male sex hormone is a natural component in a male body. A male body produces excellent numbers of testosterone during their younger years and it naturally depletes when they get matured or reach the age of 30 and above. This is the reason why younger men tend to be more active in their sex life rather than older men. For instance, teenage boys are more aggressive and more energetic than older men. See? Having a low testosterone level will not only affect your sex performance but also your life as a whole! This is the main reason why you have to look for a way to treat this health issue.

Testosterone Cypionate is one alternative solution for low testosterone level. This substitutes the decrease of production of natural sex hormones in the male body. Although this is just an artificial treatment, we cannot hide the fact that it can help a lot to restore all the things that men are no longer capable of doing due to having low testosterone level. Testosterone cypionate must be consumed with appropriate directions from your doctor.


Testosterone Cypionate Injection

Testosterone cypionate can be consumed in different manners and one of these is through injection. Of course, this must be done by professionals such as health care provider or your private doctor. Normally, injecting of testosterone cypionate takes place in a medical center or inside a physician’s private clinic. No place is better and safe other than these.

As we all know, injection has something to do with needles and syringes. When you start using testosterone cypionate injection, make sure that you are responsible enough to keep this item away from possible disasters like being played by children or other factors. Pay attention to the directions of your doctor for proper disposal of this product as you take this kind of treatment to escalate your testosterone level.


Testosterone Cypionate Dosage

The proper dosage of testosterone cypionate injection differs with the patients’ gender, age, and health conditions. The prescribed dosage of this testosterone supplement can be altered in relation to the efficacy of the product to every consumer. A dosage of 50-400 mg, for low production of male sex hormones, must be supervised within a time span of two weeks to one month.

This supplement is injected directly to the muscle of human body and must only be performed by professional or licensed health care provider and doctors to avoid malpractice.

To evade over dosage, neglect yourself from missing an injection. If you fail to follow your schedule, contact your doctor and listen to his or her instruction. Nevertheless, take one shot at a time only.

Testosterone cypionate can be injected in two ways. It can be done with 100 mg dosage or 200 mg in different solutions.


Testosterone Cypionate Cycle

Testosterone cypionate cycle differs from one person to another. One session of testosterone cypionate injection per week is recommended for the first cycle. The consumer should follow the ideal therapy for post cycle of testosterone cypionate within ten weeks.


Side Effects of Testosterone Cypionate Injection

Injecting yourself with testosterone cypionate can cause few side effects. Mostly, it occurs in the arm or leg such as discomfort, blisters, and it turns red. Other side effect is respiratory problem or difficulty in breathing.



Did you know that major excretion of the injected testosterone cypionate takes place in the uterine? Approximately 90 percent of the injected testosterone supplement is urinated and roughly six percent is released in the feces.

Supplementing your low testosterone level with testosterone cypionate injection is effective yet you need to be really careful because of possible complications in the future. Men who have low testosterone level tend to have a low chance of having an active sex life. This can be considered as a big problem because men consider sex as a necessity to attain a happy and satisfying life nowadays. Luckily, technology has helped a lot to produce medicine or treatments for this kind or hormone deficiency. Testosterone supplements can be consumed in different forms such as natural method, oral, implant, gel, injection, etc. The important thing to remember when using testosterone supplement is taking safety measures by consulting a medical expert, professional health care provider, or a licensed doctor.

Testosterone cypionate is supplemented through injecting the patients with low testosterone level. I will not deny the fact that using this type of testosterone supplement will cause few side effects and this is not suitable for all patients having testosterone deficiency.

If you take testosterone cypionate and experience dissatisfaction, blistering of ankle, vomiting, and recurrent erection of the male sexual organ, I suggest that you have to consult your doctor or any health care provider near you. These symptoms may cause major complications if not given attention.