Testosterone Booster Side Effects

Before you start to use testosterone boosters, find out about side effects it may cause

– Knowledge Before Using

A lot of men who are doing sports have thought at least once “How can I increase my performance and be better than the others?” It is nothing new. Moreover, it’s how it supposte to be. And no matter if you want to add more muscle mass, gain more energy throughout your workouts, or just increasing your libido and mood. If you are thinking about taking testosterone boosters, keep reading this article to find out about what positive benefits you will receive by taking these supplements, and what are potential negative side effects that you should be aware of by using these supplements.

First thing first – never, I repeat, NEVER buy low quality testosterone booster. It is a silly thing to save money on such an important supplement (if you consider to take it). Let’s look at the side effects of using testosterone boosters from two point of views – physical side effects and psychological side effects.

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  •  Outbreak of acne: some of the men report that they had to deal with the outbreaks of their backs, while using testosterone boosters. On the other hand – a lot of men haven’t experienced such side effdects;
  •  Abnormal growth of the muscle: when you are building and adding more muscle, your strength sometimes cannot keep up. The result is myyalgia. The best way how to avoid myalgia is to make sure your workout schedule is balanced. Or other words – when you start to feel that you are Godzilla – don’t get to much. Train smart;
  •  Damaged kidneys: this is a common side effects. The reason why you are damaging your kidneys, is because by using testosterone booster, your kidneys now got 2x more work to do, and they are constantly under pressure. They are not used to such a big testosterone levels in your body at once. Smartest thing to do is to give your
    body a break from these supplements after each testosterone cycle;
  •  Headaches: you can find people complaining about headaches while using testosterone boosters. But don’t get this wrong – it is normally. Not all of the users experience them, but if so, it is only a slight increase in the number of headaches you normally get while working out;
  •  Anemia: for those of you who don’t know, Anemia is a deficiency of iron in the blood stream. How to know if you got one? You will feel colder than you usually do;


As mentioned before, not only physical, but also psychological side effects could be notped while using testosterone boosters. Here are the most common ones:

Mood like a rollercoaster: Mood swings are the most common. Why? While testosterone boosters increase the level of testosterone in your body, it can cause user to become more aggressive than usually, BUT – it is only the case for people who’s temperament alre
ady is aggressive;

Depression: it is another effect what people notice when they start to use testosterone boosters. It is unknown why it causes depression;

Anxiety: feeling anxiety, being more energised and active also is effect what you may feel. And a lot of individuals who are taking testosterone boosting supplements, have mentioned that;

Other Side Effects

Pungent body odor is among the side effects. And it is caused by the aprocine glands which produce hormonally driven sweat. If you work in a office or your work requires sitting and mostly you are in the same place, that this could be a pain in the ass. But for people who got active work, more sweats not only in the gym, but also in a day to day life, I guess, is nothing frightening, right?

Having oily skin is another side effect. That is because of one reason – while taking testosterone boosters, you increase the production of natural oils in your skin.

Take or not to take Testosterone Boosting Supplements?

You are the one who have to decide. And we know it is hard, if you are reading multiple people comments, reviews and reports about product like these. Only thing what we can do, is talk honestly and bring you qualitative information.

If in the end, you decide to take testosterone booster, one of the most important things – don’t save money. With that being said – saving money and buying some cheap and unknown company’s product is not the smartest thing to do. It is your body, your immune system – if put, put as qualitative and natural supplements as possible.

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Another thing to keep in mind – just by taking testosterone booster products and doing nothing – you will get nothing. Don’t expect these supplements to work, if you don’t have proper training and a proper diet plan. Training and diet are crucial factors.

This decision – take or not to take testosterone booster products can’t be take in a day or two. Take your time. Consider all pros and cons. Think if you really need it if you are ready to stay consistent and on point, in order to get the best results. Talk with your doctor, find out if your health is good enough and if you don’t have any health issues. And if all aspects are saying yes, then do it.