TestoGen – The Best Testosterone Booster in 2016



Testosterone is the real deal and what makes you a man. If you google “testosterone boosters” you will find different articles and each of them will say, that product X is the best. If you trust professionals and people who are professional bodybuilders, you will find out that Testogen was the best and the most used testosterone booster in 2016. Of course, listening and reading what some random guy is saying will not convince you. I understand that. But in this article, I will not explain you my experience with Testogen. In this article, I will tell you what professional bodybuilders are saying about TestoGen and its effectiveness.

People who don’t know what is testosterone, will ask “Why I should buy and use these testosterone boosters?” Well, testosterone is not only what makes you a man, but it also affects your muscle mass, your metabolism, skin and most importantly – your sex drive. And I am not talking about 20-year young guys. Men who are over 30 years old will understand what I am talking about here. Your testosterone levels are declining in your body, you feel weak and less motivated. Well, TestoGen is confidence in a bottle. Let’s highlight what is hiding in this powerful supplement:

  • Increases and stabilizes testosterone production in your body
  • Increased testosterone levels lead to increased strength and stamina
  • Bigger muscle and increased muscle mass
  • Better concentration and focus
  • Increases fat burn while working out, especially belly fat
  • Increased sex drive and libido

About the Manufacturer

Testogen is a masterpiece, manufactured by Advanced Health Limited. And why this product is so reliable and announced as the best testosterone booster in 2016 – Advanced Health Limited is a company who sponsors and got in their team professional athletes and bodybuilders. And if out there are many manufacturers, but these athletes and bodybuilders choose Testogen upon all the other products and manufacturers – that already says something, right?! The reason why Advance Health Limited came up with such a great product is years of researching and testing. Their clean and controlled facilities are using newest technologies. In their team are working experienced specialists, bodybuilders, physicians and nutritionists.

Ingredients in Testogen

Image result for testogen ingredientsThere is no secret formula – Testogen contains natural ingredients. And the best thing is – not like other manufacturers, who are hiding what ingredients they are using in their products and what are the quantities, Advanced Health Limited is showing on Testogen label exact quantities and ingredients, what are hiding inside the bottle. So let’s take a brief look what super effective and natural ingredients are hiding in this formula:

D-Aspartic Acid

To make this short and easy to understand – D-Aspartic Acid is an ingredient, which stimulates and increases production of Lutenizing Hormone. What is that? Lutenizing Hormone is responsible for free testosterone production. Researchers have shown that in two to three weeks, thanks to increased Lutenizing Hormone, your body starts to produce about 50% more testosterone that before. So we can say that D-Aspartic Acid is one of the main ingredients in Testogen which assures that your testosterone levels will increase rapidly.

Tribulus Terrestris

Nowadays, we can find Tribulus Terrestris in forms of pills or powder. Tribulus is the most powerful natural testosterone booster available on the market. Basically, this brave and powerful soldier helps you to increase not only muscle mass, but strength and endurance as well.


Fenugreek is a type of herb. It helps to increase strength, endurance and stabilizes testosterone levels in your body. Moreover, while Fenugreek will be around you, you can be sure that symptoms like reduced strength, lack of energy and increased body fat can be forgotten.

Final verdict

Statistics speaks for itself. Professional opinions and reviews make you more sure about Testogen reliability. And as Testogen was the best natural testosterone booster available on the market in 2016, we believe it will continue its march throughout 2017 as well. And yes, it is a little bit expensive than the regular testosterone boosters. But keep in mind one thing – you pay for quality, you pay for reliability.