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Test X180 Alpha – One of The Best Products Out There test-x180-alpha

About The Product

test-x180Nowadays, you can find different kinds of testosterone boosters on the market. But if you are ready to pay a little bit extra, then no doubts you should purchase Test X180 Alpha !

It is a quite new product on the market. This supplement is marketed for men to increase their testosterone.

The producers claim that this supplement consists only of natural ingredients that will boost your testosterone. And if we can trust their words about the natural ingredients – you don’t have to worry about harmful side effects or any other problems, taking this supplement.

But what really makes me confident about this product – the producers, Force Factor, LLC, is a well-known bodybuilding supplement manufacturer, and it is known for their pre-workout supplements and other energy boosters. They are self-proclaimed leaders in muscle building supplements. So we can be sure that they have a “know-how” about how to boost and help to increase athletes performance.

Increase your appetite for workouts. Increase your results.

Closer look at Test X180 Alpha

By using this supplement, you can expect:

  • your libido to raise;
  • heightened sex drive;
  • lean muscle grow;
  • longer endurance throughout your workouts;

Inside the bottle, you will also “find” herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals, and proteins. The emphasis on Test X180 Alpha is to maximise your power, maximise your stamina, and build lean muscle mass while getting bigger. Enhancing sexual performance is just an extra benefit what you will feel and receive from this supplement because primary purpose why you are using this product is to boost your performance and results in the gym,right? Taking it only to increase your sexual life – you go, guy! Then you will be a maniac in the bedroom, haha! Good luck with your part and club “workouts” then.

What’s inside the teddy bear?

Some of the ingredients in this product:supplement-facts-test-x180

  • Testofen – it blocks the testosterone – oestrogen conversion. Sounds too complicated, right? Well, basically by blocking, it helps to increase your free testosterone levels in the body;
  • Chrysin – helps to speed up the process and boost your testosterone levels;
  • L-Citrulline – it is an amino acid which helps widen blood vessels and improve blood circulation. And I believe you already understood – this is the key ingredient why you will get harder and longer erections;
  • Damiana – crucial ingredient that increases your energy levels, as well as boosting physical and sexual performance;
  • Thiamine – it helps the brain activity to increase focus;
  • Zinc – it is known for its power to boost the body and provide it with the right amount of energy and strength needed;


The first step is to buy this product. The second one is to use it properly and use it as you should. Not more, not less.

  • Workout days: take 2 capsules during your breakfast and 2 capsules before your workout
  • Off days: take 2 capsules during your breakfast and 2 capsules during your lunch

Keep in mind – use only as it shows on the label. To be more sure and secure, consult your doctor before purchasing and starting to use this supplement.

Positive side of this supplement:factors

  • boosts energy
  • boosts focus
  • keeps you lively
  • increases your blood flow throughout the body
  • beneficial for your hearth
  • consists of natural ingredients
  • leaves positive effects on your immune and nervous system

Negative side of this supplement:

  • not clear intake dosages
  • quite expensive if we compare with other supplements

Customers about this product

test-x180-alpha-before-and-afterRonnie, 24  I admit – I did quite a stupid thing and bought this product even without researching about it. I found it on the internet and immediately purchased it. Delivery was fast – after three days I already got the product. Since the day one, I felt how this testosterone booster kicks in. My workouts become better and longer, I started to lift heavier. Then it was all about the time. After five months I was ripped and shredded like never before. Now, I got subscription plan and I got mailed Test X180 Alpha every other month. Do I recommend it to others? F*ck yea I do!


test-x180-alpha-before-and-after-proofKelvin, 29
I totally fell in love with this product. Ive been using it only for 1,5 months but results are noticeable already. Of course, when you start to use this supplement, you should take care of your diet as well, to get the best results. But thanks to this product, my endurance during the workouts has increased enormous, which leads to bigger sweating and losing fat in a less long period of time. 


Final Verdict

Well, if your wallet says “Yes”, you should also say “Yes” and but this product. Producers says the right things about its benefits, but the only thing which bothers me – it never backs up the information about studies of this product, not to even mention about some of the dosages what’s inside this supplement. This product provides and gives good results, when we talk about energy boost and increased performance.

Recommendation – producers should think about a free trial pack for this supplement. In that way people could test if they really like this product and if they indeed feel and see benefits received from it. And if everything would be in their place – the company would gain a lot of new customers.