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Test HD Testosterone Booster by MuscleTech


Testosterone hormones are very high at twenties but starts going down upon reaching the age of thirty. This makes you to start having aging related symptoms. This is not good for them as they start experiencing funny feelings in their body. Their sexual life changes and their energy go down. This should not be the end of them for there are quite a number of solutions to recover back to their normality. This happens because they start producing few testosterone hormones. To boost these hormones you need a naturally blended booster which will help you regain back to your normal life.

We have varieties of these supplements in the market. They all have different kinds of ingredients. As you decide on the supplement that you want to consider taking there are a number of things that you are required to take into consideration. The most important is the nature of the ingredients in the product. One such supplement is the Muscletech Test HD that contains such ingredients. Its ingredients are said to harness and support testosterone levels. It has scientifically researched ingredients such as Shilajit and Boron. Does the product work with the customers? Let us see.

Its Ingredients and How They Work

Tribulus terrestris – This is a natural ingredient that is said to be good in increasing your libido. It does its work by triggering the pituitary gland found in the brain producing luteinizing hormones. The hormones in turn helps in making testes produce more hormones. The supplement must have 250mg of the ingredient. But the biggest question is whether this amount is enough on a daily basis?

Shilajit Extract – this is a rare organo- mineral compound found from the steep rocks in the Himalayas and other high mountains. Naturally it does not have chemical composition. After it is obtained it is put through a patented technology for purification.  It produces patented Primavie which is suggested clinically to increase the level of serum testosterone levels. You must use the extract for six good months to see the intended results.

Broccoli powder [DIM] – Has some effect when it comes to suppressing estrogen in the body, as well as anti-cancer abilities. No prove whether it makes any changes. It’s taken in content of 50mg.

Stinging Nettle – The main purpose this natural herbal is cleansing our blood. Prevents joint pains and also prevents enlargement of the prostate. It is good for older men who are at the risk of getting cancer of prostate. With 50mg in the product it may not be enough to make any difference.

Boron Citrate [50mg] –This ingredient is responsible in promoting free testosterone hormones. Through the clinical research boron is said to work in seven days. Free testosterone is the most active form of testosterone. In turn it initiates the muscle building process.

Mucuna Puriens [50mg] – It has been proved to boost testosterone. The only disadvantage is that it is in small content so it may not work effectively.

How to Check On the Product You Intend To Purchase

Getting the best and effective product is what most of the customers would want to get from the market. Going by our discussion the most important that every customer need to look when purchasing the product is the ingredient contained in the product. You must be having the knowledge of the ingredients and their effectiveness. Most important is the amount of the ingredient in the product.  In our case, the content amount of the ingredient seems to be not enough to work effectively. Muscletech HD has ingredients with small contents.

Most of them are 50mg which is actually not sufficient to work effectively. This means that most of its ingredients are under dosed. The most important thing also to have a look at when purchasing the product is the company that produces it. The history of the company and its other product that it produces is also very crucial. Muscltech test HD is one of the product of a company called Muscletech.

The product has been derived from the company’s name. The company has its history from 1995 when it started just like a mail order business. According to some research the company has a wide range of supplements. They are said not to be incredible supplements. In fact they have ever had legal trouble in the past endangering people’s lives. This is not a good report about the company. These are some of the thing people are supposed to look before making any order.

Directions of Taking Muscletech Test HD

You are supposed to take the first caplet in the morning and the second in the mid-afternoon. During the workday you are supposed to take the second caplet thirty minutes before your workout. You also advised not to exceed two caplets within 24 hours. Always read the instructions before taking any medication. In our case you are supposed to read the label on the bottle.

Persons who are under 18 are not to use this product. Pregnant women and people who have been diagnosed with diabetes are supposed to consult a medical doctor to give them the right direction.

Pros and cons of the product


  • It has good ingredients especially production of the free testosterone
  • 45 day supply


  • The product has poor serving schedule
  • The ingredient are under dosed
  • Most of the main ingredients are ineffective.


We have seen the product has good ingredients but they are under dosed. Mucuna puriens, Boron, and stinging nettle are one of the greatest ingredients in the product. The only problem is dosing them with 50mg per serving. This is not actually enough on a daily basis. The effect will not be experienced as fast as it is required by the patient. That is the only area the product has dropped the ball. For these ingredients to work out well they must be of the right quantity. Muscletech has good grounding here of testosterone booster but it must improve on the dosages.

Any company that produces products and would like to sell well then it must be careful on health of the users. In our case, Muscletech have had negative reputations to an extent of endangering people’s lives. It has been there for many years so it is supposed to have the best products.