10 Surprising Facts about Testosterone

Are you a man who’s interested to know more about testosterone or a woman who’s curious about this topic? Well, either of the two, you are lucky to be here because I will reveal ten surprising things that every man and woman must know.

You must be aware that testosterone has something to do with sexual drive. Thus, men and women are affected with low testosterone level even though it mostly occurs in men. Are you now ready to learn about the ten surprising things that everybody needs to know? I guess you’re excited to know so let me tell you!

  1. Testosterone is present in both men and women.

You must have thought all this time that testosterone is only present in men. Well, you’re wrong all along because testosterone is also present in women although men acquire a large amount of it compared to women. Studies reveled that testosterone in men are approximately twenty to forty times of that in women. This is the main reason why men are hornier than women in most cases.

  1. Sex drive accounts to testosterone for both genders.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, testosterone is present in both males and females. Knowing this, we can presume that when the testosterone level decreases as people grow older, sex drive also declines for both genders.

  1. Testosterone is convertible to estrogen but it can’t be done vice versa.

Did you know that men’s testosterone is converted to estrogen that’s why it results in low T? You might not know about this yet, so let me tell you. Estrogen is the reason why men having low testosterone level tend to be fat. It is because of the estrogen that leads the body fats to increase. Hence, an active sex life can help in losing body weight.

  1. Testosterone level decreases every single day and gets worst when men reach andropause and women reach menopause.

As I tell you this, I also want to inform you that ladies aren’t the only ones to be emotional or irritable because men can also be hormonal like women during their hormonal cycle. This might sound crazy to you but that’s right! Men have hormonal cycle too and that’s the reason why they reach andropause when this cycle stops.

  1. Older men and women tend to have an exchange in behavior.

Due to the decrease of testosterone level caused by aging, men become tender, sensitive and sentimental while women become aggressive and decisive. Now you get what I mean when I said, “Exchange in behavior”. The explanation behind this misery is that older men have high estrogen due to the converted testosterone. Meanwhile, testosterone level in older women can be described as ascendant. So the exchange in behavior of older men and women is all because of their testosterone level.

  1. Normal testosterone level differs from one gender to the other.

The normal testosterone level for men ranges from 300 to 1200 ng/dl while the normal T level for women ranges 15 – 70 ng/dl. It is best to keep a record of your testosterone level during your younger years until you reach old age. This is to avoid possible confusions in the future. As you can see, it is quite difficult to diagnose if the patient has low T or not because of the ranges for normal testosterone level. You can have different T levels when you were young compared to your T level during your old age but both might be enclosed in the normal range (300 – 1200 ng/dl for men and 15 – 70 ng/dl for women). For example, a man is examined to have 400 testosterone level on his forty while 1000 on his twenty. Both of the T levels during his young and old age can be considered normal based on the normal range of testosterone level for men (300-1200 ng/dl). You might be confused if this is the case so it’s better to track your T level record.

  1. The result of having high testosterone in men is the same to that in women.

Having high testosterone level will result to greater urge in sexual activities regardless of gender. Men and women having high testosterone level are both aggressive and fierce compared to those who have low T level.

  1. Fields of specialization seem to influence the testosterone level in both men and women.

A study conducted by Dr. Dabbs and company wherein they tested the testosterone levels of people in different fields including athletes, professors, physicians, salesmen, actors, firemen, and ministers. According to the gathered data, actors have the highest testosterone score among the other professions and ministers have the lowest. Therefore, profession of every individual can also be a great factor affecting his or her testosterone level.

  1. Having high testosterone level is a good thing and so with having low testosterone level.

Life isn’t about sex all the time. Having a high testosterone level is great if we talk about married life or mating. However, this is not always the case. Did you know that having a low testosterone level can also be a good thing? If you are a parent or you are nursing a patient, it is better if you have low T. It will help you a lot to do your responsibilities purely, conveniently, and efficiently. In fact, Dr. Dabbs revealed that men who become fathers will most likely have low testosterone level. Hence, the hormonal changes of a person will lead to a good, effective, and joyful parenthood.

  1. Determine your testosterone level and embrace your distinct personality to have a long and blissful life.

Knowing your testosterone level can help you to sort things out but accepting your personality can be an additional advantage. You can’t expect yourself to be attached with other people if you aren’t sure of your own personality. Don’t let your testosterone level affect your personality and relationship with other people. Don’t let your hormonal issues put your happiness at stake. Do what’s necessary by finding alternative solution and make sure that you always aim for grander goals that will lead to your happiness!


Have you heard about the quotation, “No man is an island”? This implies that we can’t live in this world alone. We need to keep few people close to us so that we can live with enjoyment and pleasure. There are several factors that will try to hinder us from achieving happiness and one example can be low testosterone level. However, it is not a big deal if we know how to handle our individual issues regardless of our gender. It’s just a matter of how we take care of things and how we handle every situation.