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Subcutaneous Testosterone Therapy

Have you ever felt that you don’t belong in a certain group? Well, if yes, there must be something about you that makes you different from the members of that group where you want to be part of. Your personality can be an obstacle of fitting in. Your physical appearance can also be a hindrance. But do you know what could be the most challenging factor? It’s the gender classification. Although it will take some time, there is a great chance that you can develop your personality. Your physical appearance like body figure, skin color, hair style, and other features can be improved by performing weight loss exercises, consulting a dermatologist, going to a salon, and so on. However, you can’t easily change your gender if it’s the cause of not being qualified to be part of a certain group, organization, etc. I guess that was the case before technology and medicine took over. At present, changing your gender has become possible. A female can be transformed into male and vice versa. I’m talking about biological transformation that undergoes a successful surgery and several medical processes. This is called Trans sexuality. Science and technology have created a wide opportunity for every human being.

Transgender is another way to address gender issues. It is slightly different from transsexual though. Transgender individuals have their own unique description of their identity which contradicts to their actual gender. They change the way of expressing their feelings, the way they dress, act, and talk just to attain their desired gender. When a transgender wants to totally achieve his or her gender identity by acquiring the biological organs of a specific gender, transsexual is the next option to consider. However, it takes a lot to risk to undergo this process that’s why many people stick to just being a transgender.

A female who has a gender identity of a male may still acquire the physical features of a man even without undergoing a surgery or medical transsexual process. Are you curious about this information? Well, don’t worry because I will introduce to you the subcutaneous testosterone therapy which is safe and effective for female-to-male transgender patients.

Subcutaneous Testosterone Therapy for Transgender Men

The simplest term for subcutaneous is “hypodermic”. If you try to search the context of this word, you will find out that it is usually described as the insertion of needle under the skin or epidermis.

Testosterone is a male hormone that is naturally produced in a man’s body. It is responsible for developing the masculine features of men such as guttural voice, hair growth in chest and face, muscle build-up, increase in body size, and elevated sexual desire. Unfortunately, these are the natural characteristics of real men that transgender men don’t have. No matter how hard you try to look like a man, if you don’t have the qualities I mentioned earlier, it is impossible for you to be classified as one of them. Thus, you need to acquire the masculine features of a man to achieve your gender identity.

Nowadays, there have been a lot of changes in the world because of the rapid growth of science and technology. For instance, medical treatment for transgender men is now possible because of the determination, patience, persistence, and brilliance of the medical experts and doctors to come up with a solution for this issue. Subcutaneous testosterone therapy aims to supply the transgender patients with serum testosterone concentrations according to the normal range of male reference.

If we are going to put these words into one idea, we will come up with:

“Subcutaneous testosterone therapy is a medical treatment done through injection for transgender men so that they will acquire the same physical features such that of real men.”

Is subcutaneous testosterone therapy safe and effective?

Medical treatments, especially if it involves needle and syringe, must be done with safety measures. Subcutaneous testosterone therapy is safe because it has been proven and tested by several studies. In fact, “The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism” was published to reveal that subcutaneous testosterone therapy is safe for female-to-male transgender patients. According to the journal, this kind of hormone therapy is effective and the most preferred therapy for transgender men.

Advantages of Subcutaneous Testosterone Therapy

If you are a female-to-male transgender, you must know the positive and negative effects of undergoing subcutaneous testosterone therapy. Some of the advantages of subcutaneous testosterone therapy include the following:

  • Hair growth in face and some parts of the body like chest, arms, and legs;
  • Improved muscle mass;
  • Development of guttural voce;
  • Elevation of sexual desire;
  • Increased in strength;
  • Deprivation of menstrual period;
  • Decrease of gender dysphoria;
  • Low risk of having breast cancer; and
  • Lessens emotional and psychological issues like depression, anxiety, and stress.

These are just few of the several benefits of subcutaneous testosterone therapy for female-to-male transgender patients.

Disadvantages of Subcutaneous Testosterone Therapy

Subcutaneous testosterone therapy is inclined not only with positive effects but also with undesirable side effects like alopecia, acne, amplified triglycerides, busted HDL cholesterol, and a possibility of systolic blood pressure augment.


The effects of subcutaneous testosterone therapy will start to show off after a couple of months of taking this treatment. Positive effect (hair growth in some body parts, specifically in the face) and negative effect (alopecia) will continuously develop after a year of undergoing this therapy.

Female-to-male transgenders are able to achieve their desired gender identity because of the wonder brought by science and technology. Subcutaneous testosterone therapy is a medical treatment which made it possible to transform aspiring individuals who want to become men by developing masculine features in their body. It is done by injecting a transgender patient with a testosterone treatment. Thus, the natural physical characteristics of a man will eventually occur in a transgender man who undergoes subcutaneous testosterone therapy.

Gender discrimination was once a rampant issue in our society. In previous years, people are hesitant to expose their gender identity because they’re afraid to be left out of the group or to be discriminated by the world. Fortunately, there had been a great realization as the years passed by. At this moment, we are given the right to choose what we want with our lives as long as we don’t bring discomfort and inconvenience to other people.