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About Six Star Testosterone Boosters

Six star testosterone boosters are examples of natural testosterone supplements that help men boost their testosterone levels. They work together with the human brain to produce testosterone hormones that help both men and women in quite of a number of ways. It is pro-nutrition boosters with fewer ingredients in it. Actually, it has weak ingredients through scientific study. It lacks major ingredients such as D-Aspartic Acid, Magnesium, Zinc, and Vitamin D, and B6. In it, we have Boron Citrate, Calcium, and Anti-Catabolic Complex.

Despite all these, it has been proven to have worked. This is because of some testimonies which have been revealed by the many customers who have taken it. It comes in two forms that are in powder form and in caplets. The only difference in them is the way they are consumed. The only variation is dosage.

How Effective Six Star Testosterone Boosters Are

Six star testosterone is not that effective according to the records taken. In fact, some have rejected it. Of course, anything that has its pros has its cons but it depends on which one outnumbers the other. It is upon those who have used it to give testimonials. It has Boron as its main ingredient. As the main ingredient and it’s readily available in our environment, it gives the product not necessary. The main reason that this supplement may not be effective is the amount of boron in it.

For boron to be effective it must be taken in high concentration. It is harmful to people with health problems and also pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. So the biggest question now comes in. How much boron do we have in the product? And is it healthy for our consumption? It may be of low concentration or it may be having high boron concentrate. In either, it may be harmful to consumers. Those who have been into it have given their testimonies. Most of the effects are negative. They have complained of a severe headache, sleepless nights, itchy skins, and diarrhea.

The Number of Sales of the Product at Amazon, eBay, and Walgreen

At Amazon, the sale according to the recent records tends to be on a positive note. According to the sites although they have been criticized by many it is evidence that the product has the highest number of sales. The sales by the reviews at Amazon are quite amazing of the product goes by the posted testimonies. Although other sites are selling, Amazon stands to be the best. From there it is eBay and then Walgreen in that order.

Despite the critics from many recently the product has got the market. In other sites, the product has actually been criticized. That is why we have a good number of testimonials in Amazon than others. It has been said that the companies are putting their own testimonials which are not true. In fact, others have rejected the product as it is bringing more harm than good. All this is due to the ingredients in it.

Reviews of six star testosterone boosters at Amazon


Out of the 512 reviews that have used the product, 37% gave a five-star rating.  With Amazon, the product seems to be fine going by the customers. Many are the customers who have got positive reaction towards the entire product. Going for only $10 many customers said that the booster is the best for the money. For them, it worked amazingly. Anyway, it did not work well on some customers.

Many did not get what they expected of the product. This has been said to be caused by their attitude towards the product or maybe they used the booster when they were not medically fit. This can lead to adverse results.

At eBay


They currently do not have reviews but offer multiple products of Six Star Testosterone Boosters as a top seller from Singapore, United States, and Australia. Maybe being new in the market makes it has the right amount of boron. As we have seen boron must be consumed in high concentration. The concentrate of boron in the product makes it be more effective hence high number of sales. What does that mean to the product and its effectiveness? If am not wrong the product is doing well in the market according to its customers on eBay.

At Walgreen


There are only 8 reviews left by customers who have bought the product. The rating is 2.9, which shows a fair customer feedback of the product. However, Walgreen only has a single variety of the product and that may be the reason for the few reviews. The product has been rated 30% selling. Star rating does not cheat most of the time. This seems to be a low.

For some at the beginning it gives them a lot of energy but a few weeks the energy goes down. For libido, the product doesn’t actually work for the customers according to the reviews. From the reviews, customers are advised to use their money otherwise. Some customer has complained of a severe headache upon use. Even the runners after using it for more than two months they do not get any difference or any positive reactions. The final words are that it is not good at all. The best thing about them is that they are cheap for they only go for about $10 or even less (the cheapest).

In summary, the Six Star Testosterone doesn’t work perfectly, to most. This is by the few confessions given in official website. Although, we can’t fight it a 100% for we have seen customers confessing it working well for them. Maybe or maybe not for those whom the product is not working well maybe is because of the ingredients in the product. It is either the companies making it who are putting the right amount of boron to make the customer experience the effect. As we have seen for boron to be effective to the human body it must be in high concentration. And that is what the customers are looking for.