How to Naturally Boost Your Testosterone Levels

There are more ways than you think

Testosterone is a crucial aspect when it comes to muscle building and strong physique establishment. Low testosterone levels can harm not only your physique but also your mood as well as your performance in the bedroom.

Here comes the scary part – A study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism shows that, on average, in the 80’s testosterone levels were higher and much more better in men than they are nowadays, and it is due to higher rates of medication use. So this means – you may be less of a man than your father was when he was at your age. But don’t panic. There are numerous ways on how to improve and get those testosterone levels in your body as high as possible, and in this article, we will describe a few of them. So let’s start!


fenugreek-benefits-seedsFenugreek is a herb and it has been used for centuries. Not even in foods, but also in poultices. It helps to reduce body fat and improve your testosterone levels. Moreover, if you feel that your sex drive is kinda struggling, Fenugreek may be helpful and the right component to implement in your daily diet. You can find it in curries and also in teas. Another way how to feed your body with this herb is by using supplements. So get back on track and boost your libido – it’s not that hard to do.


natural testosterone boosterProbably you have seen this root vegetable at different kind of stores, but most of the times you just pass by. Another place, where you could see it was that last time at the sushi restaurant when it came on the side of a plate of your sushi. But the important thing to understand is – ginger health benefits are stronger than you may think. This vegetable is used for fighting inflammation, nausea and also cancer. By implementing ginger in your daily diet, it can improve not only your testosterone levels but also semen quality in infertile men.


Tribulus terrestris

natural testosterone booster - Tribulus terrestrisWord “Tribulus” sounds kinda scary, right? Like some kind of monster in a horror movie, but it’s not. Tribulus is a plant which can improve erections and frequency of sex, and it is especially suggested for men with low sperm counts. Nowadays, we can buy and consume Tribulus in different ways – capsules, powder etc.



Sleep, sleep, and again sleep

Sleep - Natural test boosterIt’s that simple. Those nights when you stay awake till the sunrise may harm your body more than you think. A lack of enough sleep can dramatically harm the number of testosterone levels that your body produces. Additionally, reducing and decreasing your muscle growth as well as fat loss. Scientists have worked for decades in order to understand the importance of sleep and its effects on our bodies. Research shows that the amount of sleep what you get is connected with morning testosterone levels. Moreover, scientists found out that people who slept 8-9 hours increased their testosterone levels much more than the people who slept less. So next time when you end up in a middle of the night watching youtube videos – think about your body.


zinc-pillsZinc is a mineral that helps your body in testosterone production. Moreover – it plays a critical role. Deficiency of zinc has been associated with crushed testosterone concentrations. Different studies have found that people who had decreased zinc levels in their bodies, after 6 months of zinc consumption, increased their testosterone levels rapidly.

This means only one thing – zinc plays a huge role and it is an indeed important when it comes to modulating serum testosterone levels in men’s bodies.

Longer workouts may harm your body more than you think

longer-workoutsLet’s talk about training. One think is a proper diet, another – proper training. Duration of your workouts may harm your testosterone levels more than you think. There always will be a few people, when we come to the gym – they are there. When we leave the gym – they are still there. Long workouts with long rest periods do the opposite – instead of building muscle, your body is so sore and destroyed that your muscles shrink, not grows.

Research shows that workouts which are longer than an hour spike cortisol levels in your body and additionally decrease testosterone. For recommendation – take a shorter rest period between sets (approximately one to two minutes, not more).


Testosterone has more power and influence in our body than we may think. And no wonder – from boosting and increasing our muscle to burning fat, up to improved mood, increased libido, better sleep, more energy, improved overall health and so on. We have to face the fact, that after hitting that 30 age mark, our testosterone levels decline. We must adapt this and find different solutions how to keep our testosterone levels as high as possible. Naturally, unnaturally – it is up to you. But one thing is for sure – it is easy to do it and market offers different kinds of supplements, as well as natural ingredients.

So follow this recipe and you will not have to worry that your testosterone levels are decreasing:

  • Eat more fat;
  • Get more sleep;
  • Consume more zinc, tribulus terrestris and fenugreek;
  • Shorten your workouts and rest periods;

I have listed some of the best test booster on the market that might help you recover your testosterone levels well.

#1. Testogen

#2. Prime Male

#3. Testofuel