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Low Levels of Testosterone Increase Risk of Diabetes

New studies have come to light, showing that low levels and general insufficiencies of testosterone in males tend to lead to all sorts of complications and health problems.
Studies we cover today have generally focused on determining the negative impact this problem may have on the body health, bone health, and general well being.

As we all know, testosterone is the male sexual hormone, that is directly responsible for muscular and bone development. It not only affects our strength, but also our health, constitution, growth, and sexual tendencies naturally.

Now, while there has been generally a lot of talk about how testosterone insufficiency can affect muscular mass and strength, you rarely hear people talk about how this affects your bone mass.

And, this brings us to diabetes.


What is Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus (DM), or more commonly referred to as just diabetes, is a well known disease to many.
What people generally do not know perhaps is that it is actually a group of metabolic diseases, but the symptoms are naturally clear – high levels of blood sugar.

Other symptoms of this metabolic disease may be frequent urination and increased thirst and hunger. Extreme complications of this disease include nonketotic hyperosmolar cola, diabetic ketoacidosis, and death.
There are many complications that are not that extreme, but are serious and grave all the same. Things like: heart disease, foot ulcers, stroke, chronic kidney failure, and eyesight damage.

The official explanation for the center of the diabetes problem is that either the pancreas is not producing sufficient levels of insulin for the blood stream, or the body is not responding well to those amounts of insulin.

But, some other independent researches and some quite respectable medical practitioners have tied many other complications to diabetes. One of those is the low levels of testosterone, as previously mentioned.


How do Low Levels of Testosterone Cause Diabetes?

The correlation between these two problems may seem unclear at first, but that’s natural. It is because they are not directly linked.
What we mean by this is that there are a few steps in between those two that doctors neglected so far.


  • Let’s observe what happens when a person has low levels of testosterone in his body first:

As many of you probably know already, having testosterone deficiency greatly reduces your overall strength, stamina, causes various constitution weaknesses, but in this case scientists have observed the bone toughness deficiency caused in that case.

When you testosterone level is low, it seems that your bone marrow also weakens and starts to grow hollow. This general complication is called osteoporosis. But, our bodies are not just mute observers of this problem. Our organism tries to help and cure this problem by adding more salt and calcium to the bone marrow, trying to strengthen the insides.
If this problem occurs in short bursts, or only once or twice in a person’s life, it is likely that there will be no long term complications, but if this problem persists, the following happens:

  • What happens if you have prolonged periods of low levels of testosterone to your bones and blood stream:

When the body continuously helps the strength of your bones in this way, by adding salt and calcium into it, the question one must ask is where does it get it from?
Well, the calcium is not that big of a problem, because people today eat more than enough, and they actually often have excess calcium in their body, but the salt…that’s a different story.

In order to make up for all that salt needed for this process, the body starts taking it from anywhere it can find it really, and the most obvious choice is directly from your blood stream.

Now, for those of you who may not know it, our blood stream is supposed to taste mildly salty. This is the neutral, healthy condition of an average human being. If anything happens to change this balance of salt in our blood stream, the body must reach naturally.

So, if we connect the two dots, the body takes the salt from the blood stream in order to strengthen the bones and ends up having salt deficiencies in the blood stream.
The next step is: the blood becomes sweet. This is highly dangerous and causes coma or death. So, to prevent this, the human organism produces insulin and pumps it into the blood stream to now reduce sugar as well.

And, at long last, if you followed all the steps carefully, you realize that now we not only have salt deficiency in our blood stream, but we also have sugar deficiency, and that’s where the real trouble starts.

The complications that occur this way are way complicated for a single essay to cover, but we will say only this, not only will you not have enough energy for your daily activities, but complications with blood balance like this may cause who knows how many other diseases, chain reactions, and even insanity.

And, to focus on the insulin production, it is a natural reaction of your organism to react that way in that situation, but it is not even remotely healthy. Producing insulin this way puts enormous strain on your pancreas, blood stream, heart, etc…
There simply seems to be no end to complications, and all that due to testosterone insufficiency.


So, to recap:

  • Low levels of testosterone causes weak and fragile bones
  • Our body tries to make up for this by importing salt into our bone marrow
  • To do this, the body takes the salt from the blood stream
  • The blood stream loses its balance and becomes sweet
  • In order to solve this new problem, the body produces insulin
  • The blood stream is left with insufficient salt and sugar
  • Our entire body suffers


This is just a taste of the chain reactions and connected problems that may occur in our bodies when we neglect its proper care and health.
You always need to have a healthy and cultural physical activity program, and even focus on certain exercises that will help your body produce what it needs, especially if you are a bodybuilder and workout regularly.