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Cellucor P6 Testosterone Booster



When you hear word “testosterone”, I believe first things what comes in your mind are:

  • being strong
  • being lean
  • maximum energy

And you are absolutely right. But of course, a drop in those testosterone levels will do the opposite. That’s why people are seeking for qualitative testosterone boosters, to boost up their performance and fill those empty gaps. For years, men have tried to boost testosterone to improve their physique and performance. But with all the testosterone support products available, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you.

And if you have read so far this article, I will give you a few reasons why Cellucor P6 should be the one and only testosterone booster in your gym bag.

Raise the bar with Cellucor P6

This product contains special ingredients which help to improve the body’s testosterone levels and makes it more functional, as well as healthy. Ingredients which are used in this product works and match perfectly together, in that way supporting and increasing testosterone levels in your body, meanwhile regulating estrogen, in that way helping to enhance lean muscle mass. And of course – improving sexual performance as well.

Why estrogen should be regulated

Your body constantly is trying to balance state. When you start to use testosterone boosters and your testosterone levels rise, your body starts to increase estrogen levels in your body. This is due to an effort to balance the hormonal spike. And with increased estrogen levels, also negative effects rises, like low libido, decreased strength.

And that is the reason why Cellucor P6 is so unique – it helps modulate rising estrogen, while it increases your testosterone levels. Doesn’t make sense, right? Well, with this product it does!



The “Big Three” for muscle growth

We know for sure one thing – testosterone is important for muscle growth, and boosting it naturally results in increased estrogen. Your body must create a healthy and good environment for natural testosterone production, so after giving a rest from supplements, your body is still able and active in producing testosterone. And as stated above – optimising these levels and supporting natural testosterone production, Cellucor P6 takes care of all these conditions.


cellucor-supplementsLet’s look at the label

Adaptest – improve muscle size, strength and natural testosterone levels;

Tribulus alatus fruit – support sexual function and promote muscle growth;

Fenugreek – support healthy testosterone levels while minimizing the unwanted conversion of testosterone to DHT;

Agaricus bisporus – keeps your estrogen in check;

Agaricus bisporus – inhibit aromatase activity, to support healthy estrogen levels

3-Diindolylmethane – modulate estrogen metabolism, which may help to minimize the negative effects of estrogen;

Saw Palmetto – helps support prostate and urinary health;

LJ100 – increase sexual health and energy;

Stinging Nettle – supports prostate and urinary health;

Benefits received

  •  Enhances virility
  •  Contains saw palmetto
  •  Improve strength
  •  Increased lean muscle growth

From words to actions

One thing is to talk for hours about one product, about what benefits it should deliver, what pros and cons are, and any other information. But what I am interested about (I believe also are you) are customer reviews. And don’t be silly – don’t go to just one website and read two, three reviews. Go through five, six different websites and take a look what people who already have bought the product are saying about it. That should be the deal-breaker. Then you will definitely know, if the words match actions. And let’s do it together…


customer1I purposely wanted to try this product to compare it to the other 10 million test boosters out there. I’m not going to sit here and say I gained 10lbs of muscle in 6 months. That wouldn’t be possible. I’m not going to tell you my strength went through the roof. While it did improve, I certainly wasn’t benching 600. What I will tell you is that during my 6 week phase of this product, I did notice a slight improvement in libido, a minor strength gain, improved energy through the day and had zero side effects. To me-this was a win/win.”

2“I just ended the 1st month of the black series and this is on my 2nd month starting with p6… the only thing I notice is that I gained shape very fast… Even tho I’ve been out the gym for 4 years.. ( due to a car accident. .. ) Well now I’m on the p6 and I will definitely let everyone know how it is working for me. I will check back on this site in about 2 weeks or at the end of the month… ( stay tuned )”

3“Officially 1 month into p6 30 day cycle and really saw great recovery results. Slept deep and restful whether it was 5 hours of sleep or 10 hours of sleep, I woke up feeling rested and with energy. Each body part healed quicker than usual, legs still got sore, 3 days plus sometimes. Appetite increased, no doubt. Libido is wonderful. Generally more confident and outgoing than ever. It’s a chain effect of great things that help with your body building project rapidly. I recommend it.”

4“This is hands down one of the best Test boosters I’ve ever used. I literally see results and feel the pill working. My only dislike is the price, but I completely understand that you pay for a good product.”

My final word

5If this article helped your decision and you are ready to try this product, you should know that Cellucor is a well-known supplement brand. You will have to pay extra for their products, but at least you will know that you pay for quality, not quantity. Cellucor products can be purchased in many online stores, as well as in your local supplement store.

I’ve been using this product for almost one month. Well, I have to say that now I can look at heavier dumbells, I can add a few more plates on barbell, and in the end of the day, my lovely wife who is waiting for me at home knows, that after long working day and intense training, I can still be a best in the bedroom and I will be in a positive mood.