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Testosterone Therapy Increases Live Birth Rates in IVF

Do you value your life more than anything in this world? How about other people’s lives? Do you value them as much as you value yours? Well, I guess it’s only natural that we care for other people. I’m glad that you are reading this

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10 Surprising Facts about Testosterone

Are you a man who’s interested to know more about testosterone or a woman who’s curious about this topic? Well, either of the two, you are lucky to be here because I will reveal ten surprising things that every man and woman must know. You

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Is Male Menopause Real?

I know that you already have an idea what menopause means, or if not, you must have heard about it somewhere. Menopause is known to be natural in older women. It is a female biological process where the menstrual cycle ends. This occurs in women


Protein myths and general nutrition myths are taking over. Two reasons why if you ask me, one is that people are too lazy to get of their butts and do some research or read a couple of nutrition articles so they believe everything and everyone

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Testosterone Propionate – What it is and if you should use it

Basically, testosterone propionate is an important compound, when it comes to testosterone levels and production in your body. And if out there are people who don’t know what is testosterone – it is the primary male sex hormone. That fuel which drives your sex desire,

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5 Signs that Low Testosterone Level is Affecting Your Health

Scientists are slowly discovering the secrets about the impact of low testosterone level on the overall health of men. By the way, they are exploring the relation between the low level of testosterone and particular health problems. Diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, and obesity

Low Levels of Testosterone Increase Risk of Diabetes

New studies have come to light, showing that low levels and general insufficiencies of testosterone in males tend to lead to all sorts of complications and health problems. Studies we cover today have generally focused on determining the negative impact this problem may have on