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Ageless Male – next generation supplement

Product overview

Ageless Male is a supplement that helps men regain sexual energy and vigour. It boosts overall mood and endurance. Long story short – when you are in your forties, Ageless Male testosterone booster will make you feel like in your twenties.

The supplement industry is expanding – you can find supplements almost for everything. Demand for sexual enhancement supplements is increasing by each year. This is the main force which pushes and urges manufacturers to invest more in their R&D and come up with new and more effective formulas. And we can say that product like Ageless Male did that extra mile….

Closer look

Producers claim that Ageless Male is “clinically proven to improve testosterone levels and keep them within a normal healthy range.” What’s better than that, right? But we want to know if words match actions.

Ageless Male test booster is mostly marketed to men over the age of forty. Moreover, their website states that this product has the potential to increase energy production, increase the sex drive, promote lean muscle mass and give a more positive mood. On their website you can find list of benefits what you can expect to receive by using this product:

  • helps support healthy testosterone levels already within normal ranges;
  • in research, helped increase testosterone levels by 50%, still within a safe, physiological range;
  • support healthy hormonal balance in men;
  • reduce the conversion of testosterone into estrogen;
  •  in research, helped reduce the conversion of testosterone to DHT by 16%;

Ingredients Listsupplements-facts

Above showed list looks more than good. But what actually makes this product so special and worth to try? Then we need to look what is inside the teddy bear. Exact quantities of included ingredients are not stated, but all ingredients are listed on the official Ageless Male website:

 Caltrops – A natural male sexual hormone booster. It is popular among bodybuilders seeking to increase these levels naturally;

 Cissus Quadranglaris – A potent recuperative herb, especially beneficial in reducing inflammation;

 Saw Palmetto – Prevents the conversion of testosterone to DHT, which contributes to prostate enlargement;

 Chlorophytum Borivilianum – Nowadays, included in many bodybuilding supplements for its potential to increase growth hormone levels;

 LJ100 – enhances the amount of unbound sexual hormones in the blood;

We understand that for most of you these ingredients sounds horrible and gives nothing, but by listing and showing them we wanted you to know what of each ingredient in this supplement is made for what it does in your body.

How does Ageless Male work?

Ageless Male works through various mechanisms in the body. Study of Saw Palmetto and Astaxantin (ingredients in this supplement) shows that these ingredients help to increase levels of testosterone to a normal and healthy range. One of the major ingredients found in Ageless Male is Testofen. This is a commonly used ingredient – fenugreek seed extract – which can be found in most of the testosterone related supplements. Fenugreek helps for digestive problems, gastritis, heart conditions and high blood pressure.

Moreover, it is also used for kidney problems, different mouth infections and tuberculosis. This list continues, but it is not necessary to continue – you got the point.

The key ingredient in this supplement has shown to help men to maintain healthy testosterone level and improve their well-being. And as we concluded from many customer reviews – the product has helped men to lead active and healthy lifestyle.

Pros of Ageless Male:ageless-male

  • their website is easy to navigate and understandable;
  • the product offers a 100% money back guarantee;
  • you can get an discount;
  • improves vitality;
  • improves strength;
  • improves sleep;
  • improves mood;
  • increases libido;

Cons of Ageless Male:

  • very little information provided regarding how the product works;
  • the FAQ section is very limited;
  • the product does not mention if there are any side effects;
  • must be taken over a long period to see any effect;



Ageless Male supplement must be taken of 2 capsules per day. It is important to take the supplement daily to maintain results.

Lets talk about money

The cost of this product varies, depending on where you want to but this product. The official manufacturer’s price for a single bottle (containing a month’s supply) costs $49.95. For larger and longer periods being ordered, the manufacturer offers discounts.

Each bottle has 60 capsules. There is also a shipping charge of $6.99. But if you are buying their products in bulk, shipping comes for free if the orders collect over $150.

The positive thing is – you can return the product within 30 days if you don’t like it.

Final word


Ageless Male make many promises. The only way how to make sure that words match actions – is by purchasing it. Supplement that reduces a declining hormone levels, of course, will have a positive effect on the end user. But on the other hand – not knowing exact amounts of ingredients used, it drags back and makes us think, if we really want to purchase the product.

Ageless Male will improve certain areas of health and well-being, such as increasing energy, physical endurance and muscle mass. Without well done clinical studies on the product itself, it’s difficult to say.

To know if it’s really working, men should get their testosterone levels tested before trying the product and a month later. That is the best way how to tell if the product is really working.