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Dragan is a 25-year old personal trainer born and raised in Veles, Macedonia. He has been into athletic activities since he was only 7. Started off with karate, kickboxing and body weight exercises. Over the past 18 years he has gained knowledge in more fields of fitness including bodybuilding, Insanity, Tae Bo, CrossFit, martial arts such as Shotokan Karate, Box, Kick box, Mixed Martial Arts etc. Now he is a co-owner of a gym in which he is a certified personal trainer to both private clients and larger groups in all these fields. He creates and designs workout routines, nutrition plans and diets, all based on the clients goals whether it’s losing weight, adding muscle, gaining strength or simply improving your general health and changing your lifestyle. For the past year and a half he has been working as an online personal training via Skype. He includes other online work in his daily life as well such as writing high-quality fitness, nutrition and health articles and reviewing supplements for and more.

I have always been involved in the fitness and healthy lifestyle, but I have to say the moment I realized I wanted to teach my knowledge for a living was back in 2008 when I helped two of my closest friends, one to lose weight and the other to add a decent size of muscle, only by taking them to the gym with me day by day, working with them and giving them only diet and nutrition tips. After that I realized I had a gift and I simply loved the idea of changing someone’s life for the better.” – Dragan states.