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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Low Levels of Testosterone Increase Risk of Diabetes

New studies have come to light, showing that low levels and general insufficiencies of testosterone in males tend to lead to all sorts of complications and health problems. Studies we cover today have generally focused on determining the negative impact this problem may have on

Men – The secrets of building muscle

Contents: Knowing your body How muscles work? Fuel for your strength Getting ready for some work   Knowing your body  Since the ancient days, people were obsessed with mysteries of human anatomy. Ancient Egyptians, the pioneers of this noble science, were curious to find out

Medical advice: How to treat Low T

Contents Dangers of having low testosterone in your body Causes of low testosterone condition Testosterone through healthy diet Doctor’s advice Types of treatment Dangers of Low T Low testosterone or “low T” is a common condition in older men since testosterone naturally declines with age.

How testosterone affects your mood?

Contents: Testosterone and brain Aggressive behavior in men Tips for boosting your mood Testosterone and Brain Most people think that testosterone is connected only to libido and it is also thought as the fuel for the sexual desire. Testosterone affects your brain in many ways,

Dietary supplements: Are they all good for you?

Written By : Catherine Grant Contents: Why men consume dietary supplements List of supplements that can harm your body Nutrients and supplements Why men consume dietary supplements What are dietary supplements? Dietary supplements are created with the intention to provide nutrients that may not be

Best 5 Workouts That Will Boost Your Testosterone

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, but it is also an anabolic steroid. It plays a key role in sexual, reproductive, but also body development in males. It is a hormone solely responsible for the development of testis and prostate, but it also promotes