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Best Testosterone Booster Supplements on the Market (Updated Feb 2018)

Are you looking for the best testosterone booster on the market? You’re in luck because you’ve come to the right place. There are a lot of advertised products that promise great results. But finding a potent product which is not a scam can be tricky. Here you will find honest reviews and accurate data. This will help you get in shape using the testosterone boosters. If you are tired of wasting your time and money then this is the place to testosterone booster on the market

Our main aim is to help get the muscles you’ve always wanted using the best supplement. We also want to make sure that you are using a safe product. Our boosters will not have a negative effect on your health. The best thing about our product reviews is that they are not written for the mere sake of marketing. They are based on real research exploring the potentials of each of the best testosterone booster on the market in addition to our own personal experience.

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What is Testosterone? 

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what is testosterone?Testosterone is a hormone that is mainly produced from the testicles and the adrenal glands. Increased production is experienced during puberty. Use of testosterone supplements tends to increase this level above the baseline. Testosterone hormone is not only responsible for development of secondary male characteristics such as deepening of voice and enlargement of the penis but it makes a man to be sexually active in his entire adulthood.

Top 10 Testosterone Boosters On The Market 2018 – Reviewed By our Editors

  1. Testogen Testosterone Booster  #1 –  The best testosterone booster on the market

Testogen testosterone booster reviewVitamin B6? Check. Ginseng Extract? Check. D Aspartic Acid (DAA)? Check. It is no surprise that this testosterone supplement sits at the top of our list. There is nothing better than a potent testosterone booster than one that is made from natural ingredients. Testogen is one of the best testosterone boosters that you can find on the market. Moreover, it is made from natural safe ingredients for best and most efficient results.

Lower than average levels of testosterone are unavoidable. It is a natural part of growing older but you don’t have to feel like a drained old man. Your testosterone levels are likely to drop after the age of 35. However, a potent testosterone booster like Testogen can help you overcome all the side effects.

Testogen helps you gain more strength and increase the mass of your lean muscles. As we grow older, fat tends to deposit in our abdominal area. Fortunately, this wonderful testosterone booster will help you overcome that. You will stay in shape with more strength and stamina without having to suffer from the side effects of illegal supplements. This is a great supplement that will also increase your motivation level, your sex drive and help you fight off insomnia and irritation.

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  1. Prime Male – 2nd Best Testosterone Booster

Prime male testosterone boosterTestosterone is responsible for your sex drive, your strength and your muscle growth. But as we grow older, testosterone levels start to decline drastically. You will start to experience more fatigue, less concentration and have fewer sperms. But don’t panic just yet. Prime Male is an incredible testosterone booster that will definitely increase this amazing sex hormone in your body.

Fenugreek seeds are the main ingredients in Prime Male. These wonderful seeds are responsible for increasing the production of testosterone levels in your body. They are extremely rich in Vitamin C, Niacin and Diosgenin. They will not just improve your muscle mass. They will also increase your stamina and improve your libido.

Korean Red Ginseng is another natural potent ingredient that will definitely improve your stamina. For so many centuries, this herb has been used to increase stamina and improve the functions of your immunity system. It will boost the levels of your testosterone for longer and more stressful workout sessions. As a bonus, your muscles will also experience faster recovery.

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  1. TestoFuel – 3rd best Testosterone Booster:

Testo fuel testosterone boosterTestoFuel enhances most of the male body functions. Increasing your testosterone levels will help improve your overall functionality and stamina. It will help you last longer in the gym and in bed. TestoFuel is a must have testosterone supplement that will have a great impact on your health.

Working out and eating right are essential for your building big and defined muscles. But unfortunately they are not enough. You basically need the best testosterone booster to have the defined muscles that you have always dreamt of. It will help you build lean muscles over a shorter period of time. Your body will not store fats especially around the abdominal area. You will finally get the Greek God body that you’ve worked so hard to have.

TestoFuel improves your digestion of important nutrients. Your muscles will have more proteins and minerals that they need to function properly. It also improves your metabolism so that your body doesn’t store fat deposits. It is packed with rich natural nutrients that are extracted from oyster and ginseng. It is also rich in vitamins K2, D3 and B6 which are essential for your muscle health.

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  1. Nugenix Test Booster #4:

Nugenix testosterone boosterIf you are interested in an above average testosterone booster then this is the one you should consider. This unbelievable supplement is going to give you that extra kick needed to have the body you’ve always dreamt of.

There are a lot of ineffective testosterone boosters that won’t do much to your physique. Some are even packed with unhealthy ingredients that can affect your health on the long run. This is why it is very important to buy a potent supplement that will help you get in shape. It should also be safe to use over long periods of time.

Nugenix is rich in zinc. Combined with Vitamin B6, these 2 ingredients will provide crucial nutrients you need to keep your muscles in great shape. After extensive workout sessions, your muscles will be subject to injury. This can hinder you from getting on with your workout routine. But this wonderful supplement will help you get back to your weights fast. It is an excellent testosterone booster that has a great potency. It will help with your muscles recovery after vigorous workout sessions.

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  1. Monster T Testosterone Pills #5:

Monster T testosterone herbal supplementThis is a naturally derived herbal supplement that is especially made to raise testosterone levels. Monster T helps reverses the decline in testosterone levels that naturally happens as we age. This wonderful supplement is what you need to regain your confidence and become less irritable. It is packed with natural ingredients that will help you get in shape without affecting your health.

Monster T is packed ingredients that will help you work out longer and harder. Zinc is the main ingredient that makes this supplement one of the most potent supplements on the market. It has been proved to treat erectile dysfunction and improve libido. D Aspartic acid is another potent ingredient that will improve your metabolic rate and the strength of your muscles.

However, the main benefit of Monster T is that it is fast acting. Once you start adding it to your workout routine, you will begin to see visible results within 2 weeks.  This testosterone booster is also rich in L-Citrulline which will improve your blood flow. This will help pump more nutrients to your muscles and bones. As a result, your body will become stronger and you will have more energy to work out for longer periods.

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  1. Testo Max Testosterone Boosting Supplement #6:

Testo Max testosterone supplementHaving a potent supplement that will naturally boost your testosterone levels will have a great impact on your health. As your testosterone levels decline with age, you will start to see that your body is not efficiently responding to your workout and eating regimen. You will start to feel that gaining new muscles has become so much harder while gaining fat weight has become so much easier.

This is why you need to add this excellent supplement to your workout regimen. It will increase your metabolic rate, thus helping you get rid of those stubborn hard to lose fat deposits. You will be happy to witness an increase in the mass of lean muscles. You will also have more stamina and energy that will help you work out for longer periods. Combined with the right diet, you can easily feel and see your muscles exploding to give you the physique you have worked for so hard.

Testosterone Max contains double the amount of steroidal saponins that you can find in other supplements. This is a natural safe ingredient that can help increase testosterone levels in your body without any adverse effects. It also contains natural anti-oxidants and Vitamin E which work together to promote healthy cells turnover. Your muscles will not feel as old as they actually are. You will stay in good shape and have those killer muscles that you’ve always wanted.

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  1. TestRX Test Booster #7:

TestRX testosterone boosterAre you suffering from troubles sleeping? Low energy levels? Lack of concentration? Poor performance in bed? Don’t worry; you are not dying or anything. This is just nature doing its favorite thing changing our bodies as we grow older. Lower testosterone levels are not abnormal but you don’t have to suffer from all the nasty side effects. This is why it is recommended to take a natural testosterone booster that will get your hormones back to normal without affecting your body on the long run.

TestRX naturally boosts your testosterone production, unlike illegal steroids that can have an adverse effect on your health. It elevates your sex drive and increases your libido. But most importantly, it gives you more energy to work out for longer. It also increases the mass of lean muscles in your body.

This supplement doesn’t contain any synthetic testosterone. It is packed with rich ingredients that will naturally promote the production of the male sex hormone in your body. It contains Tongkat Ali, also known as Malaysian Viagra. This will naturally boost the production of testosterone in your body without affect the health of your heart or the production of other related hormones. It also contains natural ingredients that work to protect your prostate from tumors that are related to declining testosterone levels.

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  1. TestoRush Testosterone Pills #8:

testorush testosterone boosterTestoRush is an affordable yet potent supplement that men with low testosterone levels find very effective. You don’t have to opt for expensive pills, painful injections or illegal supplements. This unbelievable supplement will help boost your energy and stamina without having any adverse effects on your body. It will help you get the best benefits of your workout regimen and diet plan as it helps extend the length of your workout. It also promotes fast recovery after extensive workout.

TestoRush contains Huang Qi which naturally boosts the performance of athletes without any adverse effects. It is also rich in L-Arginine which encourages the release of the Growth Hormone in your body. This hormone will help your body grow more muscles and store less fat. This wonderful supplement contains Maca Root will help correct erectile dysfunction problems and boost your sexual performance. It is an all-in-one booster that will definitely improve the quality of your life.

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  1. Test X 180 Ignite Testosterone Supplement #9:

test x180 testosterone boosterThere are a lot of reasons why this supplement is considered to be a decent testosterone booster. It is one of the best boosters that will help increase the levels of testosterone in your body. It will help you burn more fat, build more muscles and improve your sex drive. It will have a positive effect on your performance in bed, in the gym and in life in general.

This supplement is an improved version of the Test X 180. Its potent improved formula is designed to overcome all the shortcomings of the earlier versions. It is manufactured to naturally boost the production of testosterone in your body. It is way better than forcing your body to go beyond its limits or opting for illegal injections.

This testosterone supplement contains fenugreek which is known to increase the levels of testosterone without affecting your health. It also contains green tea extract which will give your that extra kick of energy that you need to stay in shape. It might not contain some fancy ingredients like other products that can be totally worthless. Nevertheless, it is an incredible supplement that will give you that little you need to get in shape without messing with your body chemistry.

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  1. TestoTEK Testosterone Supplement #10:

TestoTek testosterone boosterThis testosterone booster will give you more energy, more stamina and more strength. It is what you need for longer and more intense workout sessions. It promotes lean muscle mass. It will give you more strength to continue working out vigorously. You actually need this supplement to build those muscles you’ve always wanted to have. But most importantly, it doesn’t mess with your sex hormones like illegal steroids. In fact, this testosterone booster will help increase your libido and sex drive.

This testosterone booster will help you fight off fatigue and muscle weakness. As men grow older, their testosterone levels start to decrease. This can lead to erectile dysfunction, irritability, lack of focus in addition to the inability to grow stronger muscles even with intense workout. But this is where this supplement comes to the rescue. With a combination of amino acid DAA and vitamin K you will get a better blood circulation. That will improve the health of your muscles and your heart.

Having said that, it is very important to understand that buying legal supplements can have a huge impact on your life. Of course you want to get in shape, but resorting to illegal or unknown supplements can harm your heart and mess up with the hormones in your body.

Our list contains some of the best testosterone boosters on the market. Nevertheless, you need to understand that these boosters need to be combined with the right workout regimen and diet. Make sure that you use your boosters right to get in shape and maintain the muscles you’ve always worked for.

How Does Male Testosterone Work?

What happens when you have low T?

Nonetheless, production of this hormone usually reduces with age. Most men prefer to take natural testosterone pills to remedy their situation even without a doctor’s prescription. According to a study carried out by Gary Kehoe, the CEO of Dreamspan Product Innovation, the natural level begin to reduce for most men in their late twenties to early thirties. Psychological factors such as depression and anxiety also leads to declined testosterone production.

With high testosterone levels, enjoying numerous benefits such as increased libido, growth of lean muscles, increased strength and stamina, high sex drive, increased energy counts and more seems to be just normal. However, the turmoil hits you bad when you are no longer able to perform tasks which were quite easy to you earlier on. You are no longer the enthusiastic man who used to outdo all the “boys” in the gym. Most people tend to link some negative changes in their lives to increase in age. However, that is not aye the case, these may be indications that your testosterone level needs to be supplemented (either by using the best testosterone booster or by undergoing testosterone replacement therapy).

low-testosterone-side effects


What are the symptoms of having low testosterone (Low T)? 

Oftentimes, low testosterone (low T) results to physical and emotional changes as considered but not limited to the ones below. Nonetheless, the only sure way to know your testosterone status is by taking appropriate blood test since some of these symptoms can also indicate another underlying health complication.

How do you know whether you have a deficiency of this hormone?

Emotional changes.

Having low testosterone can affects you emotionally without your awareness. Most often than not, some men take irritability, mood swings, and other hormonal imbalance reactions to be caused by increase in age. However, studies hows that such experiences are brought about by decrease in testosterone levels connoting that testosterone is a predominant hormone in emotional regulations.

Emotional imbalances causing depression and anxiety leads to decreased libido and sex drive. Sometimes it is also combined with fatigue and most men feel that they are no longer in control of their lives. Emotional imbalances caused by low T can depicted in individuals characteristics ranging from:

  • Irritability
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Decreased self confidence
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Over reaction to stimuli

Sexual Functionality

Sexual Energy.

Sex is a very powerful weapon when channeled properly. The old slogan, “everything in the world is sex except sex itself,” is very true. All great men got to learn about harnessing their sexual energy at one point in their lives.

The worst nightmare that any man can have is experiencing mal-functionality when it comes to sex. Unfortunately, declined testosterone levels may lead to:

  • Low libido
  • Loss of interest in sex
  • Fewer erections which happens spontaneously; mostly when you are sleeping (Penile erections)
  • Infertility due to low sperm count
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED) – albeit low T is not the only cause of ED. It is mostly caused by reduced blood flow to the penis. Research shows that it is also an indication of having low T, excluding the case where it is the only symptom. Some men with low T are still able to get and maintain strong erections. When it is caused by low T, ED can be treated easily by testosterone treatment.


Testosterone plays a crucial role in one’s sex life. Decreased levels of this hormone is attributed to the above negative aspect. It becomes hard to harness sexual energy which may reduce your confidence and cause under-performance. However, these symptoms should not be sudden unless there are other factors at play. Studies shows that there is no absolute abjection when it comes to transmuting your sexual energy so long as you take the necessary measure to increase your testosterone levels by taking testosterone boosters for a duration of 3-4 months.

Physical Changes

Physical changes

Testosterone is mostly referred to as the “male” hormone. It is the hormone that distinguishes bold men from weaklings. Most of the physical positive aspects attributed to having high testosterone levels; including deep voice, increased muscle mass, growth of body hair and more all boil down to “masculinity”. Declined testosterone levels can cause the following physical changes:

  • increased body fat due to increased cholesterol in the body
  • decreased strength and stamina
  • hair loss and stunted hair growth
  • fatigue
  • weak bones

Erratic Sleeping Patterns

Sleep disturbances.

Low testosterone interferes with your most essential thing that you need for relaxation-sleep. Studies shows that everyone should make healthy sleeping styles by dedicating at least 5-6 hour for quality sleep. Low testosterone levels can cause insomnia and other erratic patterns in your sleeping hours.

It is unfortunate that testosterone replacement therapy which is one of the recommended treatments for low T may cause sleep apnea. This is a very disturbing disorder that hinders your breathing and may adversely affect your sleeping in the process. Using testosterone boosters seems to be a better treatment since you will not have to cope with negative side effects (TestoGen is the best testosterone booster on the market)

Research findings as to why declined testosterone levels leads to decreased sleeping hour is still inconclusive but it is a fact which can’t be overlooked with or without the presence of sleep apnea..

Additional Health Complications

The above symptoms may be clear indications of declined testosterone levels but to some, they may be just normal aging side effects. Nonetheless, these symptoms are may also be used to diagnose other health complications including:

  • thyroid condition
  • injured testicles
  • prostate cancer
  • HIV
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Pituitary gland problems.

On average, one’s testosterone levels should range from 300-450 nanograms per decilitre as observed by Harvard Medical School (HMS). A blood test conducted by a licensed physician is the most guaranteed way of knowing your testosterone levels.

These symptoms should however act as your green light when taking the initiative to use your intuition in determining your testosterone level. If most of the above symptoms are predominantly evident in your life experience, you are most probably at a very crucial point in life where you have to take bold measures to restore your life back on track; using testosterone pills may be the best remedy at your disposal.

The good thing is, having low testosterone levels is not something that should keep you worried. Treatments for low testosterone levels are available. Testosterone replacement therapy is the medical treatment for low T. Nonetheless, having low testosterone levels does not call for absolute need of any treatment.

To some, low testosterone level may just require change in lifestyle- for obese men, having high testosterone levels may simply translate to loss of pounds.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy as a Treatment of Low Testosterone

Testosterone replacement therapy is medically recommended as a low testosterone treatment in hypogonadism. However, this form of treatment is most often associated with causing severe side effects to the individual matter.
In addition, it is less cost effective and stands at a low chance to be the preferred treatment for middle class men and the low class men who are living below the poverty line.
As a matter of facts, recent studies have revealed several controversies attributed to use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy by old men. Treatment of low testosterone in hypogonadism is a fully accepted therapy. Treatment in older men is more controversial. Discuss your testosterone levels, symptoms, and side effects of treatment with your doctor to establish whether you should receive therapy and what form of therapy.
Based on recent studies, doctors and other health practitioners found out that older men stands at a very high chance of suffering from cardiovascular complications when undertaking testosterone replacement therapy. Therefore, this should only happen as a result of mutual agreement between the patient and the doctor.

Oftentimes, testosterone replacement therapy is usually administered in various forms including:

• Injections; administered on the muscles for testosterone to be directly absorbed into the blood stream. The injections are normally taken on weekly basis as administered by a licenced physician or by self-injection.
 • Gels; they are rich in testosterone and daily application to the skin works effectively.
• A mouth patch; commonly referred to as buccal cavity. It is applied in the mouth at the meeting point between the upper gum and the inside lip. It is recommended to change the patch after every 12 hours.
Testosterone pellets; seems to be the newest form of therapy. Pellets are inserted in the body; in most cases, it’s done under the buttocks` skin. The pellets keeps supplying the body with testosterone for a duration of 3-4 hours.
Use of testosterone boosters seems to be a better alternative for curbing low T. however, FDA insists that the manufacturers of testosterone supplements should put a warning signs on their brands cautioning the high risk of suffering from cardiovascular complications for older men.

Testosterone Supplements as Treatment of Low Testosterone

Use of testosterone boosters as natural treatment for low T has far and wide become apparent in numerous countries across the globe. Nonetheless, potential users of these products complain about having to spend a lot of time researching for the most suitable testosterone supplements that will suit them most.
Quality testosterone boosters that are commercially available for purchase are basically “constructed” from herbs and other food and exercise stuffs. They are backed up with scientific evidence on effectiveness and safety in improving testosterone levels in men. Their ingredients can be used as testosterone supplements on their own or from blending different ingredients.
Unfortunately, the market is flooded with so many brands and choosing your ideal preference may be tricky sometimes.

Natural Testosterone Boosters-Do They Really Work?

 With every testosterone booster that you may come across with in the market is a promising advertisement to take your testosterone levels to greater heights. But do these supplement really work? Well to be frank the truth is most of them works but some lacks essential properties in their formula to meet diverse aspects of male masculinity. (See how to naturally boost your testosterone levels )

How Do Testosterone Boosters Work?

In essence, testosterone boosters are herbal supplements geared towards increasing testosterone levels naturally. They can be used to directly uplift your testosterone level at or above the baseline or by hormonal support. The ultimate goal is quick recovery, formation of strong lean muscles and general enhancement of your masculinity.

Most Predominant Ingredients for Boosting Testosterone Levels

As a result of scientific inventions and innovations, different brands of testosterone boosters utilizes different ingredients in their formulation formula. The ingredients combination in any given testosterone supplement at your disposal may be the key to achieving best results.
It is therefore essential to study the individual ingredients dosage for every testosterone booster available on the market. Basically, high quality testosterone boosters should utilize top ingredients such as:


 D-AA is a non-essential amino acid that is naturally produced in the body but it is also available in some food stuffs. It serves as a barrier that prevents conversion of testosterone to cholesterol.
Cholesterol is the basic unit of every hormone in the body. When there is sudden increase in testosterone level, the brain tends to send an LH signal to the Leydig Cells to stimulate the conversion of testosterone to cholesterol.
D-AA increases testosterone levels by both preventing transformation of testosterone to cholesterol and stimulating the Leydig Cells to produce more testosterone. It acts as a testosterone supplement on its own and when blended with other ingredients.

d- aspartic acid chart


 Fenugreek`s extracts were traditionally used in India in the preparation of curry powders, pickles and pastes. However, scientific studies show that Fenugreek is highly rich in anabolic properties (See ).
A recent study conducted at the University of Hardin-Baylor (Belton, Texas), examined the effects of fenugreek supplementation on strength and body composition in resistance-trained men. The sample population was divided into two groups and were subjected to eight weeks training program of Fenugreek and placebo supplementation.
Observation were made at 2 intervals after a duration of 4 week and eight weeks. Both the placebo users and Fenugreek users recorded an increase in strength after four weeks but only the Fenugreek group saw a significant strength increase after the 8 weeks of training and supplementation. This laid a foundation that Fenugreek contains high properties of continuously increasing the strength level after high depletion of one’s energy count.


ZMA is a combination of Zinc, Magnesium and Oyster Extracts. It is usually used as a recovery aid to help the body in achieving deeper levels of REM sleep.
Zinc is a mineral that is essential in increasing libido not to mention aiding in burning excess pounds, enabling you to develop lean muscles. Oyster Extract is rich in Zinc and serves the same prescribed purpose above. Magnesium on the other hand promotes the production of more sperms and leads to increased sex drive. This powerful combination is also geared towards promoting body and mind relaxation as a result of smooth flow of hormones in the body.
In recent research finding, 27 Division II football players were subjected to placebo and ZMA supplementation for a duration of seven weeks. The ZMA group saw a 30% increase in testosterone while the placebo group only recorded a 10% increase.
zma_placebo (effect on free testosterone)

Other Natural Ways of Increasing Testosterone Levels.

In addition to use of testosterone boosters, there are other natural ways you can embrace to increase your testosterone levels; diet control and exercises.

Diet Control


Adding some food stuffs to your daily diet can significantly help in raising your testosterone levels. Onions, garlic, spinach and broccoli are among the top foods that contains high antioxidant properties for increasing testosterone. Other foods such as oyster,-rich in Zinc, Eggs-highly rich in cholesterol and fatty fish which are rich in vitamin D are proved to naturally increase testosterone levels.

Work Outs

Increasing your testosterone levels may simply require you to do what you love most. However, intense workouts in the gym should involve large muscle groups and minimum rests between sets. Nonetheless, studies show that working out only helps in increasing testosterone levels in the short run as the body becomes used to physical challenges overtime.

Quality sleep is another important factor that leads to increased testosterone by promoting relaxation and smooth hormonal flow boosting ones moods.

Benefits of having High Testosterone Levels

When you raise your testosterone levels, you enjoy a number of physical and emotional benefits such as:

  • Increased strength and stamina
  • High energy counts
  • Growth of strong lean muscles
  • Enhanced moods
  • Beard growth
  • Increased libido
  • More interest in sex

Why You Need HCG if you are On Testosterone

Based on recent studies, use of HCG works in favour of men who are on Testosterone Therapy to avoid “shrinkage of the testicles.”

HCG- Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a glycoprotein hormonal compound that is used to treat infertility in women and to stimulate testosterone production in men.
In essence, HCG tends to mimic the Leutenizing Hormone (LH) to stimulate the Leydig Cells in the testicles to produce testosterone.

Use of exogenous testosterone (testosterone from outside; from testosterone boosters or testosterone therapy ) leads to suppression of the testes since they are not being utilised in their testosterone production functionality.

When you have optimal testosterone levels, your body does not produce testosterone. When you are on testosterone replacement therapy, your brain is most likely not recognise that you are in need of producing more testosterone hence it will not send the LH signal to the Leydig Cells.

Using HCG will automatically send the LH signal restoring the testes to their normal size and functionality.


A medical prescription is required when taking HCG.


You should take HCG for three time for one week and then take a 3 weeks off. It would be easier for you to remember by taking the dosage in the first week of every month. A dosage of 5000IU seems to work effectively.

HCG is normally administered through injection done by a licenced doctor of self administration.

Testosterone Boosters FAQs:

Are testosterone supplements safe and effective?

Testosterone boosters are made of natural ingredients which are clinically proved to be safe and effective. When used in the prescribed manner, testosterone boosters` safety is guaranteed.

Who should use testosterone supplements?

Testosterone boosters are not meant for everyone. They are only meant for men who are serious in increasing their testosterone levels. If you are at puberty or early twenties, you don’t need to use testosterone boosters since your body is already producing enough testosterone. We recommend testosterone boosters to men who are in their late twenties and above.

How do I know if I have low testosterone?

The most accurate way is by taking the appropriate blood tests from a licenced physician. On average, your testosterone levels should rane from 300-400 ng/dl. You can also look for symptoms listed above and take necessary measures.

Are T-Boosters Easily Available?

Yes, testosterone boosters are widely available as natural supplements which are commercially offered on the market in most countries. You can buy testosterone boosters online from the manufacturer`s official website or look for them at your nearest local stores.

Do I need to take additional products when using a testosterone supplement?

Studies shows that use of HCG together with testosterone boosters helps men in avoiding experiences such as shrinkage of the testicles.

What benefits will I get from a Testosterone supplement?

Use of testosterone supplements is attributed to enjoyment of numerous benefits including increased strength, enhanced moods, increased sex drive, reduced body fats increased libido and more.

How long does it take testosterone boosters to bear results?

Most of testosterone boosters` users report to have dramatic changes after few weeks of supplementation and full body transformation after a duration of 2-3 months.

How are testosterone supplements administered?

Natural testosterone boosters are found as pills which are taken orally. However, there is a modern mode of administration that requires transdermal absorption-you rub them on the skin.

Do Testosterone Boosters Have Side Effects?

Some users of testosterone boosters have reported experiencing some side effects. However, there is no enough evidence to accept or deny these claims. If any, these side effects are usually temporary and manageable.

Are T- boosters Similar to Steroids?

No. testosterone boosters are made of natural ingredients as opposed to chemical-based steroid. They also differ in administration mode since testosterone boosters are administered orally while steroids are taken in injection form.

So without wasting more of your valuable time it is time to explore the best testosterone boosting supplements on the market


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